Lexapro (escitalopram) could be prescribed for people identified with misery and stress and anxiety that should keep their signs controlled. This medicine is meant for patients of at the very least 12 years and is not expected to be utilized for more youthful patients because there is a possibility of them developing some unsafe wellness results. You have to not take Lexapro along with any monoamine oxidase inhibitors, as a intense and abrupt response could develop as a result of that. A minimum of 14 days are supposed to pass from the moment you took a MAO inhibitor last. If you create any type of state of mind modifications or various other symptoms of the kind - make certain you call your medical supplier when feasible. Inform your physician regarding any type of health care conditions you have ever before been identified with, as this could be necessary in identifying your amount. The following problems are supposed to be discussed: suicidal thoughts, a past of medicine renal, misuse or liver illness, bipolar ailment, and seizures. If you took place to take way too much of Lexapro and obtain symptoms such as confusion, quick heart beat, seizures, vomiting, coma, queasiness, dizziness, and sweating, find emergency situation clinical support. Constantly take Lexapro exactly as suggested.

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